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New York City Follies #2
28 December 2012

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America on Stage
13 December 2012

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Estadio Pumpkin Brunch
3 December 2012

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A Rocky Road Lies Ahead
17 October 2011

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9 October 2011

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Glowing Lull
5 September 2011

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Lost Time
2 October 2010

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Corporate World
31 August 2010

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Follow the Leader
27 August 2010

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American Traditions
23 August 2010

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21 August 2010

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Honor, Respect, Heros
14 August 2010

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Stoplight Sunroof
12 August 2010

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After the Rain
9 August 2010

Recent Comments

SarahH on I Said I Want Some Too!

SarahH on A Colorful Tool
Love this one - the colors are beautiful but tasteful and don't overpower. Lovely. xo

tammy stubbs on Illuminated Vegas
now this is probably my favorite shot in your portfolio! I LOVE the colors, I love the balance of where the large ...

tammy stubbs on Farmhouse Keys
this is a great shot! For me I love photos that make me what to draw them! and this is one of those for sure!!

tammy stubbs on Fallen Piece
I love this shot... but just a little bit sharper and it would be spectacular!

Céline on Cascading Flowers
Pretty capture!

ursulakatariina on Cascading Flowers
Beautiful flowers.

ursulakatariina on Cascading Flowers
Beautiful colours.

jpla on Fallen Piece
Restons à l'écart c'est plus prudent ! Bonne journée JP

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Fallen Piece
This shot needs to be a bit sharper I would say.Nice red brick though.

Soheil on American City
great photo

parisa on American City
nice shot

Anthony Morgan Lambert on All Gone...
A nice gentle image !!

B. Thomas on I Said I Want Some Too!
Happy Silly Tuesday! ;-)

Anthony Morgan Lambert on I Said I Want Some Too!
You´d better give him some or it´s going to get nasty :-)

Magda on Leaving China Town
nice street shot

Magda on Locked
interesting POV

mary on I Want Some
wow! so beauty

destani on Feeding Time
Wonderful and beautiful capture ! 5*****

Shaahin Bahremand on The Other Side of Soaring
nice capture

Anthony Morgan Lambert on In Flight He Soars
The artist has captured the artist well who captured the subject well !!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on A Man and His Fish
A relaxing hobby for many and a good relaxed shot as well.

BiLL on Dessert for Five
They look so tasty! Great photo.

raskkolniikov on Locked Again
A great angle for an everyday object we see but never look twice at. Unless of course we are locked out! :-)

BlindPoet on Locked
awesome pov

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Locked
Super angle,great frame.My shot of the day.

Gilles on Hinged
nice use of the angle of view

Ronnie 2¢ on American Corn Husk
Sure reinforces that fence.

Anthony Morgan Lambert on An American Farm - In Color
you should always be proud of where you come from.I´m Welsh and fly my flag proudly !!

Ronnie 2¢ on An American Farm - In Color
How envious I am that you still proudly fly your flag. My own is seldom seen here.

Ronnie 2¢ on Fresh Ducks- Worth a Laugh
I sure hope our lost duck did not end up here !

Ronnie 2¢ on Leaving China Town
Far more impressive arch than the one I have in London . . but those districts are wonderful to visit.

sawsengee on Leaving China Town
a beautiful ornate oriental gateway contrasting well with the blend architectural blocks

Ronnie 2¢ on Fresh City Flowers
When I see flowers like this, I always want to think they will find a happy home ! Have a lovely weekend, Christi.

Anthony Morgan Lambert on An old Balancing Act
What a great construction,it calls out to be photographed !!

Ronnie 2¢ on An old Balancing Act
I can feel an artist at work somewhere in this ! What a curious arrangement.

Anthony Morgan Lambert on An Artist's New Canvas
It all looks like it´s going to fall over at any moment..

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Fallen Brick Business
What a shame !! I love red brick buildings !!

Ronnie 2¢ on Fallen Brick Business
Those bricks don't look like they'd fall too easily . . but always sad to see a place in decline like that.

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Passing of the Gaurd
I spent a bit of my time in the British army marching up and down but never with sun glasses on.We would have got our ...

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Keeping Watch
A nice smart image !!

Ronnie 2¢ on Keeping Watch
I liker the respectful formality in this.

Doug on VMOTO - GO
Interesting composition

Anthony Morgan Lambert on VMOTO - GO
Nice idea !!

Doug on Drivers Welcome
Nice composition using this old truck

Ronnie 2¢ on Drivers Welcome
An invitation to step way back in time . . metal was metal back then !

omid on The Painter and Her Work
very nice & so beautiful! Lovely!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on The Painter and Her Work
Nice candid shot,did you photograph the view she´s painting !!

Ronnie 2¢ on The Painter and Her Work
What a lovely moment this makes - love the built-in parasol !

Anthony Morgan Lambert on A Colorful Tool
nicely spotted !!

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